The Neighborly is an Americana Folk-Pop duo. Arissa May and Brock Lawley found themselves real-life neighbors and were surprised to discover a unique blend of their voices.
    Brock Lawley’s prolific songwriting provides much of the backbone of the Neighborly’s large catalog of original music. 

Arissa moved back to the Central PA area after having lived and worked in Nashville, writing, singing and performing. She met Brock through a mutual friend and appreciated Brock's songwriting and musical style, which was similar to hers. 

In October of 2016, the two performed for a local non-profit’s fundraiser and realized a mutual desire to make music that supported family and community. Brock and Arissa are in loving and committed marriages, raising small children and are heavily involved in their local church, the Neighborly’s music reflects their current stage of life.
    The Neighborly was officially formed in June 2017 and the name was an easy pick, reflecting their geographical relationship to one another, their desire to build up their community.

In the vein of pop-folk artists like The Civil Wars, Over the Rhine and JohnnySwim, their bedrock of acoustic guitar overlaid with intricate and playful harmonies, touch on themes such as family, community, love and faith.  Their mission is to use their music to connect, encourage and serve their local community.





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Brock, Lawley



Brock Lawley was raised the oldest son in a family that included five biological children and over twenty foster children.  Brock is a working songwriter, a recording artist and a worship leader. 

His story also includes 8yrs in the Air Force, a stint as a professional talk show host, a jingle writer and a model. 

Brock is the father of two toddlers under the age of four and lives everyday as an adoring husband to his bombshell Betty Crocker of a wife of 11 years. 

Aside from leading a warm and loving congregation in worship each Sunday, Brock writes an original song nearly every week to wed with a scripture focused sermon at Encounter church of Palmyra.  

Arissa, May



Arissa jumped at the opportunity to use her love of performing, music in Nashville, TN by joining the non-profit group Love in a Big World. While in TN, she began her film career by being cast in a pilot episode of a reality television series and began doing print modeling.

Arissa is a happy wife and mother of 3 young children, exploring, playing with, teaching and traveling with them is by far the most rewarding and enjoyable adventure of them all.


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